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SWEA Christmas Fair and Market 2013 Right Around the Corner

The long awaited SWEA Christmas Fair and Market is quickly approaching and I wanted to give you a summary of all the great stuff you can find there. Besides the beautiful Swedish design, Christmas decorations and food, there is the highly anticipated Mathörnan or Food Corner, as many of you are eager to purchase all […]

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Everyday Smart Design, The Swedish Flat Sink

UPDATED NOVEMBER 12, 2013 After all the talk on food, time to take a break! One thing I think is so smart is Swedish design. Not only are they masters of furniture design, but also practical things you never really think of. As I was unclogging our sink for the 1000th time using thick-ass gloves […]

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Setting Up A Swedish Christmas Table (Julbord) or Easter Table (Påskbord) Here in Canada!

UPDATED December 11, 2022 It’s only November, but we are already thinking about setting up our Swedish Christmas Table (Julbord). You are even starting to see signs of Christmas around town. The chilly air and sweet spices of Yule time are already starting to fill our noses. Christmas in Sweden is a very special time […]

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