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Swedish guys and gals speak candidly – an interesting conversation

I was amused by these interviews of average Swedish guys and gals on the streets of Stockholm by NewLondonerTV. Asking everything from “Do you believe in God?” to “Which country has the most beautiful guys/girls?” to “What is missing in your life?”, they seem to be quite content with their lives and their looks, which […]

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Sweet sounds of the Swedes!

Spring is in the air and many Swedes are starting to thaw from the bitter cold. It’s almost time to play outside and listen to some sweet sounds of music from Swedish artists coming to Toronto! One Swedish artist who I have come to admire is Vide Geiger, an accomplished guitarist and singer/songwriter who resides […]

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Watching Swedish TV or downloading Swedish music from Toronto or Anywhere Else in the World!

UPDATED: MARCH 24, 2014 One thing that people miss from their home countries which makes living abroad easier is definitely local TV in their native language. Luckily, the Internet has eliminated most of that problem. However, it is still a bit limited because of local copyright and region access laws. So while you may get […]

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