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Our review of Karelia Kitchen, the new Scandinavian bistro in Toronto

Before coming to Karelia Kitchen, we didn’t know what to expect. After reading stellar reviews of the place and the background of the owners, we were a little skeptical. Can a couple with no Scandinavian roots cook really good “Scandinavian” food? The answer is an astounding YES! After a lengthy discussion with Leif Kravis and […]

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These berries are not very blueberry… Swedish wild blueberries are actually bilberries!

Today, we had some time to make an all-time favorite of Jan’s, Swedish pancakes! He’s not a big fan of American pancakes, but then again, I don’t call Swedish pancakes, pancakes, I refer to them as crepes! ūüėõ We had delicious wild blueberry compote (sylt) and homemade whipped cream, YUMMO! I just love wild blueberries, […]

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