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Swedish guys and gals speak candidly – an interesting conversation

I was amused by these interviews of average Swedish guys and gals on the streets of Stockholm by NewLondonerTV. Asking everything from “Do you believe in God?” to “Which country has the most beautiful guys/girls?” to “What is missing in your life?”, they seem to be quite content with their lives and their looks, which […]

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Canada, the great compromise between the U.S. and Sweden

Sorry I have been out of commission the last week or so since I was traveling to Texas to meet my family. I feel like a fish out of water here, as I traveled from an arctic -15C to a balmy +28C with nearly 70% humidity within a day! My skin feels great, but I […]

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Find the Swedes

There are actually thousands of Swedes living in Toronto and probably many more across Canada! How do you spot one? No, they’re not all blond with blue eyes. Swedish women tend to dye their hair often :-). However I can usually spot one by the way they dress (call it my sixth Swedish sense!). There’s […]

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