Swedish guys and gals speak candidly – an interesting conversation

I was amused by these interviews of average Swedish guys and gals on the streets of Stockholm by NewLondonerTV. Asking everything from “Do you believe in God?” to “Which country has the most beautiful guys/girls?” to “What is missing in your life?”, they seem to be quite content with their lives and their looks, which is no big surprise to me.

I may be biased, but I believe Swedes are the most confident, independent and good-looking bunch of all the countries I’ve been to. There’s just something about their quiet self-assurance that is so attractive. They don’t use words to show it either, something that’s so cool about them.

I especially agree with the guy who traveled to southern Europe and said that so many guys there seem to cat-call women because there’s “so much sexual tension in the air”. Could it be due to religious repression? I say yes, as Swedes don’t make such a big deal of sex like the bible-thumping among us. Especially when compared to my Catholic, Filipino upbringing where my parents always had chaperones when going on “a date”.

Swedish guys and girls are also considered equals, much more so than many societies. Papas change diapers and have Papa groups. The laws in Sweden give 2 years’ parental leave to be divided as one pleases. No one feels stuck in a marriage, therefore divorce is high but easy to do if you have to. Cohabitating couples have just as many rights as the married ones. Marriage is sometimes the after thought, and not the only goal of a good relationship. Most of my friends are not even married but have 1 or more children, as they believe a marriage is just a piece of paper.

But even still, ALL of the people in the interviews want to have children. Kids are considered a wonderful complement to a full life, and not a burden, even out-of-wedlock. The government also endorses this with child stipends for all parents (rich and poor) and free lunches for all kids to high school level. Add the free tuition to universities and colleges, and you see how Swedish society works in favor for the people. They make it a no-brainer to have kids there with easy access to quality education and cheaper daycare. Ahhh, I miss Sweden!!!

It was very interesting to hear these Swedes’ point-of-view. Hopefully, you can get a good insight into the Swedish culture even though some of the questions are a bit silly. Oh well, enjoy!


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Part 1

Part 2

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