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Swedish Gift Ideas for the Last Minute Shopper – Lisa Q of Sweden and more…

Just a few more days before Christmas and this post is dedicated to those last minute shoppers who can’t think of anything to give. Here are some unique Swedish gift ideas that you can get right here in Toronto (and elsewhere in Canada, I’m sure!). What better way to show your love of Sweden than […]

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Best Swedish Gifts to Get and Give in Canada!

Time already to get a head start on shopping for the holidays by buying unique gifts of Swedish design right here in Canada! Your receivers probably will not see these anywhere else, so you’ll be both unconventional and trendsetting. I’ve compiled some great gift ideas and happen to be selling a few of these items […]

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Swedes think being smart is sexy…

Being smart is not only a personality trait, but a way of design and living. The Swedes have it down to an art form, by combining highly functional design and aesthetic beauty, which is something I find so appealing! In addition to having a passion for Swedish food and people, I am also a known […]

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