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The Joy of Discovering Swedish Music Artists

I enjoy hunting for good music, and especially like discovering new Swedish bands. As everyone’s music tastes are different, I’ll try to showcase a few different styles, as my taste is as varied as my foodie knowledge on world cuisine. I think music is an expression of true art, emotion, politics and culture. So, like […]

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The First Nordic Food Festival in New York! Prominent Chefs from Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, etc!

“We are excited to be the venue partner of the first NORTH Nordic Food Festival,” says VP of Culinary and Pastry Arts at The International Culinary Center, Chef Candy Argondizza. “The rise in popularity and prominence of the cooking from this region is hard to ignore especially with NOMA, Maaemo, Aska and of course one […]

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Near End of Summer Party with Swedish Crayfish!

UPDATED AUGUST 7, 2018 It’s August and summer is near a close, but the weather is still warm enough to actually sit outside, so Swedes are busting out their bibs for a Swedish crayfish (crawfish to you Southerners) party! It’s not well-known that outside Louisiana, Swedes love crayfish and have eaten them since the 16th […]

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