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TIFF 2018 Nordic Film List

TIFF season (Sept. 6-16, 2018) is here and the 2018 Nordic film selection is proving to be a varied list of subjects ranging from a Mars expedition and exploration of humanity to a struggling Danish farmer in the 19th century to the trials and tribulations of modern Swedish family life. I don’t need to explain […]

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HotDocs 2017 Documentary Film Festival Nordic Film Selection

I absolutely love Toronto’s lively film scene, and am happy to report the Nordic documentaries at the HotDocs 2017 Film Festival. This year offers a remarkable selection of Nordic documentary films that probe into the culture and current events of today’s Scandinavian societies. As a lover of film, I highly recommend viewing this year’s HotDocs […]

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Scandinavian Films Announced at TIFF

The Toronto International Film Festival 2013 is world-renowned and coming soon (September 5-15th), and I’m excited to announce the line-up of Scandinavian movies that will be showing. Now that the kiddos are going to be in school, get ready to cozy up to fresh popped popcorn and some interesting Nordic films. Below is a brief […]

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