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Scandinavian Film Offering for TIFF 2015

TIFF 2015 is truly an exciting time in Toronto! Celebrities abound, the cool, crisp air signals Fall and there is an excellent selection of Scandinavian films that will stimulate you intellectually as well as emotionally. I truly love watching films from different countries. It gives you a sneak peek into the cultures around the world. […]

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SWEA Christmas Fair and Market 2013 Right Around the Corner

The long awaited SWEA Christmas Fair and Market is quickly approaching and I wanted to give you a summary of all the great stuff you can find there. Besides the beautiful Swedish design, Christmas decorations and food, there is the highly anticipated Mathörnan or Food Corner, as many of you are eager to purchase all […]

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Find the Swedes

There are actually thousands of Swedes living in Toronto and probably many more across Canada! How do you spot one? No, they’re not all blond with blue eyes. Swedish women tend to dye their hair often :-). However I can usually spot one by the way they dress (call it my sixth Swedish sense!). There’s […]

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