Craving filmjölk? You can DIY… fun with bacterial cultures!!!

It seems that Swedes are masters of dairy, drinking and eating all sorts of yogurts, cheese and milk products. It’s no wonder that if you’re under 6 foot for a guy, you’re considered a shorty. Anyways, my husband grew up on this yogurty-like phenomenon called Filmjölk. There really isn’t an English equivalent, but it closely resembles buttermilk although made with different bacterial cultures. The Swedes love to eat it with cereal in the mornings and put it in breads, like yogurt and buttermilk, although not as sour. I have not gotten a taste for this stuff, but then again, I am not a big dairy lover like Jan is. It’s part of living the Swedish country lifestyle, I suppose. 🙂

I found a place in the U.S. that sells cultures to people who want to make their own cheese and yogurt products. I was both delighted and surprised that you can make “fil” yourself, since it’s basically impossible to get outside of Sweden. it’s supposed to be pretty easy. Reviews on this website are very positive, so now I’m going to order me some packages and try it out.

Buy Filmjölk cultures here!!!

The only downside is that you have to ship it to a U.S. address because otherwise, if you ship to Canada, the importation costs are super expensive! Something like $100/box!!! So, if you have a friend who can ship this to you as a “gift”, you can have your Filmjölk in Canada! Otherwise, it’s only if you’re really that desperate for Filmjölk will it be worth the money. Luckily, all my family members are in the U.S. and so it’s pretty easy for me to get. Jan will be a happy camper!

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One Comment on “Craving filmjölk? You can DIY… fun with bacterial cultures!!!”

  1. Terry
    January 19, 2016 at 12:22 pm #

    Hey there. I need you lol. I’m currently making milk and water KEFIR and would like to try the 3 Scandinavian milk cultures. Can I get some from you. Pls email me back.

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