Refreshingly Cool Swedish Summer Food to Beat the Heat



I am craving some tasty Swedish summer food which is delicious for this hot summer we’re enjoying! In this heat, people love to eat cool, crispy salads, fresh fish and creamy creme fraiche and these video recipes hit the spot. Tina Nordström, a well-known Swedish chef from Skåne (Southern Sweden) was a host for New Scandinavian Cooking, a show which aired in the U.S. on PBS. The show also features famous chefs from Norway and Denmark (including Claus Meyer, who owns the world renowned “World’s Best Restaurant”, Noma). If you are interested, you can order the whole series on DVD.

These videos show 2 recipes for a full summer day of food, Swedish-style. The Cumin and Mint Salad with Cheese Pizza is perfect for lunch, and the Smoked Monkfish with Potato, Egg and Anchovy Compote sounds great for dinner.

They use creme fraiche in one of the recipes, so don’t forget to see my Swedish Food in Toronto page on how to make your own. Monkfish is available in specialty seafood shops like Diana’s Seafood in Toronto. Swedish-style anchovies might be available at your gourmet grocery canned fish/caviar section like Summerhill or check out Eastern European grocers such as Yummy’s or Starsky’s.

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One Comment on “Refreshingly Cool Swedish Summer Food to Beat the Heat”

  1. July 18, 2013 at 10:26 pm #

    By the way, Alder chips (the wood she is using to smoke the fish) is available sometimes at Canadian Tire or barbecue specialty shops. Also, you can order them online. Smoking fish is so sweet!!

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